Bassianobdella bundabergii
Queensland's earthworm eating leech

Bassianobdella bundabergii feeding on an earthworm. 7X

Bassianobdella bundabergii is the leech described in the November, 1998 Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service Bulletin (AQIS Bulletin 11(10):10, ISSN 1033-9280) article titled: "Worms beware: Attack of the killer leeches!"

This semi-terrestrial leech can be identified as a member of the family Richardsonianidae and is most likely a new species in the genus Bassianobdella. This family is found throughout Australia and this genus has been collected from much of the eastern part of Australia.

Here are some of the diagnostic characters that can be used to identify this leech: (Most are diagnostic for the genus)

This is, however the first "Terrestrial/Amphibious" member of this genus.

Other members of the genus Bassianobdella:

Members of this family are known to feed on a variety of invertebrates and vertebrates including worms and leeches.

Please contact me if you have any questions about this leech or any other leeches you may want identified.

Robert Ingram is from the Office of the Chief Plant Protection Officer (OCPPO) and should be contacted about the extent of the outbreak of this leech and is concered about the possible contamination of earthworm farms and the possible impacts this leech may have on the earthworm growing industry.

phone: 2 6272 5154
fax: 2 6272 5835

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